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The English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth


Patron : Her Majesty the Queen of England

 President : HRH The Princess Royal

Chairman, ESU of the Commonwealth: Rt Hon Lord Boateng

DIirector General : Jane Easton



Dartmouth House

37 Charles Street

London WIX 8AB



The English-Speaking Union of the USA


Chairman : Dr Paul Beresford Hill

President: Dr Quinn Peeper

Executive Director: Karen Karpowich



 ESUs around the world


The English-Speaking Union was founded in the belief that more effective communication between nations would lead to improved global understanding and ultimately, world peace. This belief holds true today and there are currently 54 international English-Speaking Unions spanning the globe from Albania to Yemen.

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Honorary President:

Beatrix de Montgermont Keil


Jean Fragnier,  treasurer:

Catherine Gaudin,

Lucia Dumont Renard, Chairman and former President of the International Council of the English-Speaking Union




Bordeaux Branch

Chairman: François BELLY
Committee: Treasurer Sophie CROCI, Vice President Frederic DENIAUD

Contact details:
email :



Loire Valley Branch

Chairman: Patricia Curd
Committee: Julie Dufour (Vice-Chairman); Jackie Sheppard (Secretary); Roy Powell (Treasurer); Chantal Bertrand, Terry Orner, Gaëtan Wehry

Contact details

Phone :02 41 59 56 90





Strasbourg Branch

Chairman: Jack Hanning
Committee: Sue Moller, Jane Griffiths, Matthieu Kroon Gutierrez, Fabienne Martin, Marie-Ange Rebert, Filiz Demirbuker, Joana Pavlova.

Contact details:
email :



Paris Branch

Chairman: Luce Loussouarn

Vice-president: Dr Maria Al Salem

Secretary:  Marilyn Lhuillier

Treasurer:  Agnès Sagot

Cultural affairs : Dr Sophie Loussouarn

Communication :  Anne Breteau

Contact details:
email : ljloussouarn @






Save the date

June 4, 5, 6, 2020

ESU USA celebrates its centenary in Paris.

Join us for the festivities




 ESU France celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Save the dates:

8, 9, 10 February 2018

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